Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Art Cover Exchange

                                 This envelope I decorated in a Military theme for the recipient
                                            These were some envelopes Ive jsut posted off                  
                                    Rocket Man was for Cal who likes space related covers
                                             These are the cool envelopes Ive received

                                                  A cool end of the world cover
                                               And lastley a Year of the Snake cover.
Ive just joined an Envelope swap group A.C.E (Art cover exchange)  
All the people in the group swap decorated envelopes with each other. Usually on the theme we each like.
But sometimes on what the postage stamp has on it. Like the Year of the Snake envelope. Pam matched it with the postage stamp. Most of the art is hand drawn or scanned images of an original piece of art from each member. I like to add washi tape and other bits. I think I will bind all the envelopes I receive together using the "Coptic" stitch. Once I have enough, that is. With the "Coptic" stitch it can be a progressive stitch, adding another envelope when I get it. So in the end (where ever that is) the book will resemble a snake.

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  1. Wow, these are amazing...I love the original drawings on each of these envelopes. What a great swap!