Sunday, May 18, 2014

Round Robin Group 1 Page 7 creations

WOW here are another load of fantastic pages created by the Round Robin Group 1. They are up to page 7. 2 pages to go. Then they can stitch up their amazing pages into a book to treasure forever. Amazing creative work all of you. Thanks for being part of the Round Robin.

Anna created for Wendy S "Celtic/ Gaelic"

Jane created for Wendy V "Trees"

Jemma created for Anna "The Sea"

Josie created for Rob "Birds"

Lyndell created for Penny "Flowers"

Penny created for Carmen "The Sea"

Rob created for Jemma "Folk Tales" 

Wendy S created for Jane "The Beach"

Wendy V created for Lyndell "Cats"

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