Sunday, January 12, 2014

International mini book swap: Our theme this swap was "The Sea"

Another amazing lot of mini books were created for all the participants. The theme this swap was "The Sea". 

Our mini books came from Canada and Australia this time. With all our mini Kiwi books winging their way overseas. All packaged safely in little parcels. ooooo imagine the postage stamps.  

I love the way everyone interpreted the theme. It just shows how different we all think, and so creative to.

Thanks to all of you that participated this time. 

I hope you will all join me for another swap soon. 

I have a few mini books to add to this impressive list so keep your eyes peeled. 

Until then enjoy creating,  books/journals/Painting/Pyrography, well anything really that is creative. 

As Picasso once said "Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working

Aline (Canada) created for Julz (NZ)

Anne L (Canada) created for Biddy (NZ)

Biddy (NZ) created for Anne L (Canada)

Carmen (Canada) created for Rose (NZ)

Dale (NZ) created for Lynn (Canada)

Gill (NZ) created for Irene (Australia)

Lyall (NZ) created for Susan P (Canada)

Irene (Australia) created for Gill (NZ)

Jane (NZ) created for Sharon ( Canada)

Judy (NZ) created for Melody (Canada)

Julz (NZ)created for Aline (Canada)

Lynn (Canada) created for Dale (NZ)

Melody (Canada) created for Judy (NZ)

Meredith (Canada) created for Sue C (NZ)

Penny (NZ) created for Karen (Canada)

Rebecca (Canada) created for Kaye (NZ)

Robyn (NZ) created for Wendy N (Canada)

Robyn (NZ) created for Beatrice (Canada)

Robyn (NZ) created for Madeleine (Canada)

Rose (NZ) created for Carmen (Canada)

Sherril (NZ) created for Tricia (Australia)

Sue W (NZ) created for Ginny (Canada)

Susan P (Canada) created for Lyall (NZ)

Tricia (Australia) created for Sherril (NZ)

Wendy N (Canada) created for Robyn (NZ)


  1. WOW!!!!!! Love your books. They are wonderful.

  2. Thanks Melva. everyone who joined the swap had a great time creating their mini books.