Friday, April 19, 2013

Postcard swap again

I joined another of Karen Isaacson's postcard swaps. I choose two themes this time. "Pink" and "Eyes".

Here is her link if youd like to join. . then click on the "Mail me some art" link on her blog.


  1. Hi Robin, Carroll here ,just to say thanks for the lovely mmsa pink swap postcard...! I received the second one, and love the way it's sewn on both sides with just the right size space for my address sticker.I just got a free motion foot for my sewing machine and am looking forward to figuring out ho to put it on and start using it...
    Oh, and your books are to die for, also your sister's cake,"holey space monkeys, batman those New Zealand girls are talented!"

  2. Hi Carroll, ooo I havent got any pink postcards yet. cant wait.
    ooo you will have to go and have a play with your free motion foot. get some felt to start with. its nice and thick and easy. and go fast, I know that sounds mad, but it is eaiser to move the felt round when your speeding along. Have fun. love to see how you get on. Happy days Robin