Sunday, April 28, 2013

Decorated envelopes

Another lot of decorated envelopes ready to post off.


  1. Hello there,thanks for the lovely comment on the round card via MMSA. I had to check out your blog and it has blown me away. I so would like to be able to try bookbinding. I have had a little help from books via Amazon. So I am going to soldier on with that. It's getting things like thread and general help when you get stuck which is often!!!!!! Your books are amazing.
    Melva Bates

  2. Hi Melva, Thanks for the cool comments. I just love making books, well journals really. I create lots for other people, and teach as well. And postcards and envelopes I love creating them. Im so glad I found ihanna postcard swaps.
    Here is a link to a store that has bookbinding supplies. It may be close to where you are?
    Here is a you tube tutorial on a pamplet bound wee book. Its very basic but the guy explaining it is really good at explaining everything. ANd he mentions the San Francisco book guild. They create amazing books.And have all the bookbinding products you would need. Lots of other you tube tutorials on books there as well.
    Happy creating Melva. cheers Robin