Friday, March 29, 2013

Postcard swaps

 Ive just completed 10 postcards to be sent off for the latest swap Im in. Its through  if your interested. You create anything on the postcards you like. sometimes theres a theme.

 This is the fronts of the cards. I machine stitched on some of them, Painted, used rub on's stamps, images from magazines, and cut words out of books to form sentences.
 The next swap Im in, is to create round postcards. This is the envelope Im sending them away in.
 The backs of the round postcrads. We have to leave a gap on the back for an address to be written.
                    Fronts of the round postcards. I used paint, felt pens, glitter, and modeling paste.
 I squished modeling paste through a stencil to get the design on the psotcards. Modeling paste is such cool stuff to use. drys quick to. Heres a link. I used the same stencil they did. OOOO I mean THEY used the same stencil as me. tee hee hee.....   Also if you follow this link it gives you heaps more ideas. Gota love Pinterest to.
Here's my mail all ready to be posted off. Some randomly decorated envelops for friends and family. I used paint for the backgrounds, then sewed some of them on the machine, used stamps, feathers and images from books and magazines. ooo and used some washi tape. mmmm love that stuff.
heres a link to washi tape  .


  1. Wow Robin, your work is beautiful. Your postcards look amazing. I especially love the round ones - so cool! Molding paste is definitely good stuff, and I love your decorated envelopes!

    1. Hi Artimess, thanks for your kind words. Im looking forward to getting some cool round postcards back from the swap I joined. its thru Karen Isaason.
      OOO yes I love the moulding paste. Im new to it so watch out.....

  2. I'm in the round card swap too - I hope I get one of yours because they look amazing! I haven't tried modeling paste's on the list. Looking forward to many more swaps....

  3. OOOO HI Terrie,
    Yes go and buy some modeling paste. its such fun to use, easy and quick results to. Have fun.

  4. Hi, Robin, I received your pink card in the postcard swap. I'm excited to get an international one for the first time! The texture on your card is wonderful, and it's a great use of the round stencil. Thanks for the reminder about the modeling paste. I need to find mine and try it out of some of the future cards. Lucinda Howe

  5. Hi Cindy, ooo glad you got one of my cards. Isnt it a cool idea to have done the round swap. hope you get lots more.