Monday, March 18, 2013

International mini book swap

Ive started a mini book swap within New Zealand. This time I decided to included some overseas bookbinders, I contacted the Canadian Bookbinders Guild, Who were more than happy to participate. I also got a few from Australia and the US. One of the participants from Canada made all the Kiwi participants a wee book, which is very kind of him. So here is a picture of his wee book.
The wee book Hugh made is all hand printed, He said it took him   12hr. type setting, 4hr. proofing, 8 hr. printing 30 copies. So very labour intensive. The 8 pages of the book  have been folded from a single sheet printed on one side. And the book is filled with wee stories. 
  I decorated a few envelopes and posted them off to some of the Kiwi participants.
Ill post more pictures of the other 39 books when I get photos in

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